Email your MP to attend the debate!

Loving someone born outside the UK has become a privilege that only the rich can afford.⁠

In December last year, Home Sectretary James Cleverly announced an increase of £20k to the minimum income required for people to live in the UK with their foreign partner.

On the 11th April the first of the phased increases came into force, tearing families apart. But we still have time to act and protect more families from harm.

On 23rd April, MPs will be debating this heartless policy - email your MP and ask them to attend!

Families are facing the impossible decision of either splitting up and creating single-parent households or uprooting their lives from their home. In Reunite Families UK’s recent research, 92% of people said that their children’s mental health has suffered because of the separation from a parent.

We know when we come together, we're powerful. People power already forced the Government to backtrack from increasing the requirement by £20k all in one go, instead opting for a phased approach. Now we must demand they drop the hike all together. Phased or not, it'll ruin lives.

Email your MP today and urge them to attend the debate on 23rd!
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