Email your MP: make sure everyone has access to a safety net

Let's end the no recourse to public funds rule so everyone can live safely, with dignity

Everyone should be able to live in a safe home, feed their family and live free from exploitation. But the no recourse to public funds condition prevents many people from meeting these basic needs.

Over 2 million people are subject to this rule, either because they are undocumented or because it is attached on their visa.[1] As a result, they are barred from accessing government support when they face crisis – like Universal Credit, Housing Benefit, Child Benefit and mainstream housing support - simply because of their immigration status. 

The consequences are devastating: entire families are trapped in extreme poverty and people are pushed into homelessness and destitution. Children are not spared - many go hungry and the poverty and exclusion caused by no recourse to public funds impacts their mental and physical health severely.[2]

This policy is simply inhumane. 
It prevents us from building a fair society, where children can fulfil their potential, where no one is forced into poverty and homelessness, and where everyone is cared for based on what they need, not where they come from.

Join our campaign and ask your MP to take a stand against the no recourse to public funds condition, so everyone can live safely, with dignity.