Let’s show them we’re better than this

This Government wants to rip up the rights of people seeking safety in the UK. But human rights only work if they apply to all of us.

The plans laid out by this Government are cruel and inhumane. They want to rip up human rights protections so they can indefinitely detain thousands of men, women and children who have fled for their lives.

These plans won't work. People are running for their lives can't stop taking dangerous journeys unless they have alternative ways to reach safety. But this Government has done nothing to open up safe routes for more than a tiny handful to claim asylum here.

In place of these cruel, unworkable plans, we need:

  1. More safe routes now, so that people are able to seek safety in the UK without the need to undertake dangerous journeys;
  2. A Home Office that's capable of making fair and timely decisions on asylum applications, so that people seeking safety here can get on with their lives.

Tell this Government we want better than this. Sign the petition now.  

  • Stephanie M 06.05.2024 14:05